Hello! Hello!

Well, this is me, loving life and getting my art on in my first painting exhibited at the City of Rockingham Art awards in May this year. Over the past three years what started as a question from a customer asking if I taught art has now turned into something quite special having the opportunity to share my passion for making marks with my local community.

It’s with great trepidation that I’ve also finally made the leap into the unknown world of blogging! Here I hope to share with you little nuggets of knowledge, tips and techniques on a regular basis and share with you examples of what’s been going on in the development of my own studio in our new family home.

This is great big learning curve for me so please be patient… I’m still trying to figure out how to access my emails from my new email address! So hang in there, and here’s to a new chapter in the story of makeART.

I’ll be back 😉

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