Local Artist & Illustrator

A graduate from the University of Portsmouth, England I completed a degree in Illustration in 1995 and spent a number of years in Singapore and the South of England teaching art and design to teenagers and young adults as well as undertaking illustration work for children’s books, prints and greetings cards.

On a Saturday afternoon in October 2014 I started an art class with 5 children. Since then I have been able to add more classes and venues and now makeART Classes and Workshops are able to help support a creative haven for budding artists, young or the young at heart that would like to channel their creative energy in Baldivis and surrounding areas.

 what & why

Art is everywhere.
At home on the walls in the form of photographs, the shape, colours and design on the bowl you ate our breakfast from. When we makeART we are developing so many skills in addition to the ability to draw and paint. It doesn’t matter what age you are, exploring ideas, playing with materials, building skills in different processes in art and the creative process all help to build confidence in what we do, in expressing emotion and helps us to observe and appreciate the world around us.

All makeART classes and workshops introduce the elements of art; colour, line, shape, texture, form, space and value and most classes will introduce an influential artist or two relating to the subject being looked at. Our classes run an eight-week term beginning a week after school starts and finish a week before school end. We try to mix it up with creating the opportunity to explore a variety of drawing, painting and three-dimensional art work each term depending on the subject.